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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vintge Love 10

June 8, 2014

I met another fellow Vintage Lover yesterday.  She has a beautifully re-done lil Shasta and was gracious enough to let me  look inside and out!  It made me even more excited about my little Paisley Rose. 

There is an event coming in August and there will be several Glampers glamping close to my home.  I sure hope to have my girl ready to go by then.  I'm so encouraged and excited.  There are really a lot of very nice people who share this same interest.  I foresee some good friendships developing out of this!  Hopefully I'll be sharing more pics soon!!!

I did start making my tin tiles for my backsplash........

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vintage Love/9

...........needless to say, there hasn't been much progress on my lil Paisley Rose.   The man doing the work is totally over it:-(. In other words, he's tired of working on her).
     It turns out that the repairs are more than he bargained for.    His work, so far, is just beautiful.  He's very meticulous..  I wish I had the money and he the patience to finish it right now but it seems that I'll bring her home unfinished and wait..........and wait............and wait on my husband to finish the repairs.  No camping by the river this fall.  I'm disappointed but not hopeless.
     Take a peek at the repairs, so far.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vintage Love/8

It seems like it's been forever since I've posted!  I've sold some items from my Etsy Shop so I've been a busy girl just crafting away.  

Paisley Rose............I ordered the new trim for her today:->
I wasn't able to find it around here since she's vintage (doesn't that just sound better than "old", lol)   It's coming from Montana so it'll be a couple of days.

I think I've finally settled on the new fabric for her cushions.  I'll post a pic as soon as I'm absolutely sure about my decision.  Then I'll be sew sew sewing. It's pretty exciting.  I'll be crocheting some bunting for her as well because Lord knows, every lil darlin' Scotty needs bunting.  (Can you tell I'm having a blast???)

Thanks for checking out the progress.  Make sure you check back in a few days for another update............laters

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vintage Love/7's been a week today
since James picked up Paisley Rose to start on her repairs.  I have read enough blogs about restorations to know that there is always the possibility of finding many surprises when you start tearing into a vintage camper but I wasn't quite prepared for all that James has found.   If money (or I should say the lack of) wasn't an issue then I wouldn't even bat an eye but in all reality, it is.

My initial excitement has somewhat waned but James is sure being a good sport.  He's very competent and is eager for the experience.  I wish I could just turn him loose but for now, we are going to have to make the repairs in stages.  This means I won't be camping on a river bank any time soon.   I know, without doubt, that it was meant for me to buy this little tin can that I call Paisley Rose so I have to believe that it just isn't meant for me to be on the river bank as soon as I had hoped.  In the grand scheme of things, I have to remember that it's really not a huge deal.  I'm very fortunate to even have this opportunity.

In the end, she'll be good as new (probably even better) and I'll be sitting back enjoying Justa lil Freedom 2 Breathe.  I'll show ya a few pictures of the findings :-( and repairs, so far :-)..................laters

I know...........sad

It's very interesting to see how these little campers are put together

Surprise, James!!!  He was in deep concentration when I walked up and surprised him

Looking to see what shape the top is in

Progress.........first new side panel

Side panel - different view

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Love/6

Happy Happy Happy!!!!

My lil darlin has gone to be repaired! 

By the way, she finally has a name.........Paisley  Rose.  The story behind her name goes like this......I have always been crazy about the paisley.  I really can't tell you why, it's just one of those things.  I've even crocheted paisley's, lol.  Who does that?????  I chose Rose because of the vintage table cloth that I showed you back in the Vintage Beauty post.  It was passed to me from my aunt, my mom's sister, that just recently passed away.  It belonged to her grandmother, my great grandmother, before that.  It is one of those things you can't put a price on.  It is precious to me.  I do not plan to put it away and take it out only to look at, I plan to use it on the table in my lil camper.  It seemed only fitting that I call her Paisley  Rose.

I'll share some pictures as she's being pulled off to be repaired.....................laters

I cannot figure out why these pics are distorted but I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to see them.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vintage Love/5

I should be leaving for work right now but I just wanted to take a minute to update you on the progress.....there is no progress as far as the repairs.  The man that was supposed to work on my camper is unable to do so at this point.  Hopefully work will begin not this coming weekend but the next.  A different gentleman came to look at it yesterday.  I am feeling encouraged by this.  In the meantime, I have been crafting a bit.  Check out the kitchen towel I made to hang in my lil darlin'.  These are also for sell in my Etsy Shop:
  Hopefully there will be camper pics to share within the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for dropping by...........laters

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vintage Love/4

I found someone to do the repair work on my lovely lil camper-yippee!  Yahoo!  Yeehaw! Yeah Baby!
He is supposed to come pick it up tomorrow.   I can't wait..........laters