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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vintage Love/7's been a week today
since James picked up Paisley Rose to start on her repairs.  I have read enough blogs about restorations to know that there is always the possibility of finding many surprises when you start tearing into a vintage camper but I wasn't quite prepared for all that James has found.   If money (or I should say the lack of) wasn't an issue then I wouldn't even bat an eye but in all reality, it is.

My initial excitement has somewhat waned but James is sure being a good sport.  He's very competent and is eager for the experience.  I wish I could just turn him loose but for now, we are going to have to make the repairs in stages.  This means I won't be camping on a river bank any time soon.   I know, without doubt, that it was meant for me to buy this little tin can that I call Paisley Rose so I have to believe that it just isn't meant for me to be on the river bank as soon as I had hoped.  In the grand scheme of things, I have to remember that it's really not a huge deal.  I'm very fortunate to even have this opportunity.

In the end, she'll be good as new (probably even better) and I'll be sitting back enjoying Justa lil Freedom 2 Breathe.  I'll show ya a few pictures of the findings :-( and repairs, so far :-)..................laters

I know...........sad

It's very interesting to see how these little campers are put together

Surprise, James!!!  He was in deep concentration when I walked up and surprised him

Looking to see what shape the top is in

Progress.........first new side panel

Side panel - different view

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  1. Poor Paisley Rose! She looks so sad. It won't be long til you are by the river bank, hopefully. I honestly didn't think about there being so much wood inside the wall parts - duh! Love the pictures. Check out my new blog when you have a moment -