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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Love/6

Happy Happy Happy!!!!

My lil darlin has gone to be repaired! 

By the way, she finally has a name.........Paisley  Rose.  The story behind her name goes like this......I have always been crazy about the paisley.  I really can't tell you why, it's just one of those things.  I've even crocheted paisley's, lol.  Who does that?????  I chose Rose because of the vintage table cloth that I showed you back in the Vintage Beauty post.  It was passed to me from my aunt, my mom's sister, that just recently passed away.  It belonged to her grandmother, my great grandmother, before that.  It is one of those things you can't put a price on.  It is precious to me.  I do not plan to put it away and take it out only to look at, I plan to use it on the table in my lil camper.  It seemed only fitting that I call her Paisley  Rose.

I'll share some pictures as she's being pulled off to be repaired.....................laters

I cannot figure out why these pics are distorted but I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to see them.


  1. Paisley Rose is a lovely name! How long will she be at the repair shop? Hope your summer is going along delightfully!

    1. It may just be wishful thinking but I'm hoping only a couple weeks. My summer doesn't start til after next Thursday ;-) Hope yours is going well.